5sos horoscope - which clothes you’d steal


Aries mikey’s snapback
Taurus luke’s plaid shirt 

Gemini calum’s beanie 

Cancer ashton’s bandana 

Leo luke’s you complete mess shirt
Virgo ashton’s denim jacket

Libra calum’s vans

Scorpio mikey’s leather jacket

Sagittarius ashton’s wristbands

Capricorn luke’s sunglasses

Aquarius mikey’s skinny jeans
Pisces calum’s flannel


Shit That ONLY Happens To Black People In The Work Place



By: Eden

Don’t get me wrong………I LOVE MY CO-WORKERS!

We can laugh……kick it after work….shoot the shit on break.

BUT, when you’re in a industry where the minorities stick out like sore thumbs….you definitely notice shit.

So this was inspired by my co-worker Alley Cat…..you’re a dope ass chick and because of YOU….this fuckery was written.

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